Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Inventive Paris Clothes 1909-1939.

Inventive Paris Clothes 1909-1939
A Photographic Essay by Irving Penn
Text by Diana Vreeland

It's not the snappiest title I've come across but this book is right special. Irving Penn photographing fabulous pieces from 1909-1939 by designers including Vionnet, Chanel, Poiret and Paquin. The accompanying text by Diana Vreeland is brill and bananas.

The caption to go with the bottom image, a garment by Schiaparelli:

"What a wonderful look: a sleeveless sheath with a bit of fullness near the hem at the back to create line, worn with gigantic gloves, close fitting the hands and the going to great, wide folds and snapping at the shoulders with elastic. The print - bright turquoise-blue crepe with a carousel and animal motif in black, white, gold and shocking pink - was designed by Vertes. (1938)."


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