Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dan Pearson.

Dan Pearson: SPIRIT Garden Inspiration.
Fuel 2009

It's a good job I don't live in the UK right now because if I did, I might be tempted to find where Dan Pearson lives in South London and go and stalk him until he agreed to become my friend. Dan Pearson is one of the most important and influential landscape designers working today, according to the back of this book. This book is BANANAS. I love it. And I know I say that a lot. Especially about books. (I say "it's one of my favourites" about too many films too, but for reals, it's "The Big Lebowski" and anything else I say, I'm just lying or caught up in the moment). But this Dan Pearson book, is one I can't live without. I just bought it, along with the Olivier Theyskens that just arrived in (that I also feel I have to own or I might die).

I was thinking this week that maybe I needed a new car - I've had my trusty, rusty Honda for 7 years. I was toying with the idea of a Mini Cooper with a Union Jack on the top. But I realized I don't have the money. This is clearly because I keep feeling like I SIMPLY CAN NOT LIVE without certain books being in my house. This job is hindering my Mini Cooper and I from being together. Oh cursed books.

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