Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fred Tomaselli.

Fred Tomaselli
Prestl 2009

Do you have a wish-list of art you would own if you had endless pots of gold? For me Fred's Number One on that list. I love his art so much I could explode. I saw one glorious piece in a Saatchi exhibit in London about 10 years ago, and I seriously considered stealing it. I was fueled with much cheap alcohol. I think Ben talked me off the thievery-ledge.

On another note, it is literally a DELUGE of rain here in Los Angeles. Drains are bursting, trees are falling over and landslides abound (luckily nowhere near me). I feel that considering I'm fairly crafty and good with my hands, I should perhaps consider building an ark.


minnow said...

Oh goodness! I've never seen/heard of Tomaselli. Wowsers! Amazing! I've just done learned me something! Thanks for making the world a better place!

Ivanhoe Books - Art And Design said...

Thanks Minnow! ;)