Friday, January 29, 2010

The Contemporary Garden.

The Contemporary Garden

Today has been bonkers busy in here. One of my favourite customers came in. His name is Tony Wilson and I like him because he's very friendly and has the same name as the man who started Factory Records. He is not the same person. A lovely lady from Philadelphia came in, she works for Urban Outfitters and has just done the Pasadena U.O window and apparently they did penants, just like me. Then Russell Brand came in! He bought a terrarium. I called my brother to tell him and he said that the word terrarium sounds like a disease. Silly billy. I have seen Russell Brand do stand-up a few times, he's very funny indeed. In person, he was much calmer (but maybe he had a headache). We chatted for a bit. He told me he liked my hair colour. I told him he was tall. I asked him what it was like being friends with Morrissey and he said a bit intimidating. I asked if Morrissey was grumpy but I can't remember what he said. It was fortuitous timing because just before he arrived I was eating a very messy thai lunch and he could have caught me with egg fried rice down my shirt. Phew and hoorah for small mercies. I got quite flustered but I don't think I showed it too much. I did ramble a bit but then I realized and I piped down.

This has nothing to do with contemporary gardens. I just really like the photography in the book.


Fashion Serial Killer said...

ha rad! isn't he dating katy perry? That book looks awesome as well.I bet that one desert house is in AZ somewhere.. i like it.

Ivanhoe Books - Art And Design said...

YEAH! He is dating Katy Perry! That desert house IS in Arizona - It's in Phoenix - it's called The Douglas Garden - do you know it?!

kelly said...

your blog is amazing and when i'm missing you terribly, it makes me feel like you are right next to me sharing your amazements!