Thursday, January 7, 2010


New Year = New Window! I was going for a village-fete, party, celebratory fiesta atmosphere, and then Glenn had the inspiration to add state flag penants. Oh huzzah. This takes the window to the NEXT level! Gorge. Yip. Yahooey.

Below is the obligatory night shot, because day-light sunshine reflects poorly and makes the window look crap-pants.

This is an interior shot to show some of them darned colourful flag thingies.

I know I've been dreadful at posting. In my defence the month of December is the maddest month in Ivanhoe Books land. At the end of a day of wrapping and appeasing peeps, I could barely drink a cup of tea without dribbling but now I'm BACK with a vengeance.

I always like to think I'm not much of a resolution-type person but after years of doing making the list that I am destined to fail at, I accept that I am indeed a r-t-p. So here are some of my resolutions!

1. Blog more! Yay! I'm going to try for a post-a-day.
2. Write more letters. My Mum's bereft at the dying art of letter writing. I will single handedly try and resurrect it.
3. Have a bit more motivation. I have tendencies. Tendencies that can lead me to stare into space and day-dream for hours on end. This is not productive nor does it help the business success levels.

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life is happy most of the time. said...

the window looks beautiful lulu! and the resolutions are wonderful! i know i only live 2 miles away from you but maybe, just maybe i could get in on you letter loving!? and hurrah for more blog posts!! love love love it!! xxxxx