Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nerd Herd!

Nerd Herd! I'm a member! I'm a member! I don't care! Sometimes beautiful bookcovers make me want to sing and dance! Bearing in mind my singing voice makes people's ears bleed and I dance like an asthmatic ant - this is BIG news. But looky! Loooook! It's gorge!! Designed by Amy Gibson: an MA graduate in fashion from Central St Martins and now working as a senior designer at Topshop, the clever madam has also created designs for classic British labels Mulberry and Margaret Howell. YUM.

Happy Accident.

Robert Longo
Skira, 2010

I think I meant to re-order the Tate book on Richard Long, but instead I ordered this one on artist Robert Longo. I'm not dyslexic, I'm just stoops. I don't know anything about this Robert Longo or his work and it could have been an unfortunate incident. Luckily his work is fab if a little dark. There was one painting of an atomic mushroom cloud explosion that was stunning but I didn't fancy posting it. I am scared of nuclear holocaust. I expect this is a fairly common fear.

Guide For The Unlucky.

Guide for the Unlucky
Universe, 2010

I don't like to take photos of the books, I prefer to scan. I am a shite photographer. This is a pop-up book though, so I couldn't flatten it out without breaking it, which is sort of against the law in here. But it's a POP-UP book. I LIKE A LOT the pop-up. This one is gorgeous. It's about bad luck but the subject matter is almost besides the point. I am quite unlucky, but perhaps it might be clumsiness instead of bad luck. I wish I could draw wallpaper like this. It's wonderful and my shaky pictures do it no justice. The picture of the coat, is an actual coat -affixed in the book, with little buttons sewn on it. The attention to detail is phenomenal! Superb! You can also see my fingernails in some of them. My nail polish is called Orange Fizz. My brother gave it to me for Christmas. I like this a lot too.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Juan Munoz.

Juan Munoz: A Retrospective

Weirdly amazing. Amazingly weirds.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fashion Jewelry.

Fashion Jewelry
Lawrence King, 2010

Lawrence King makes the best fashion books. The photos are always so brill. I love jewelry, but sadly, I'm not brilliant at wearing it because I have a weird skin reaction to any metal that isn't platinum. My skin has very expensive tastes. If I wear any other metal compound for a period of time, my skin starts to blister and it looks like I'm suffering from some hideous 18th century malady. Looking at these photos makes me want to throw caution to the wind and bedeck myself in numerous trinkets and baubles. The photos also make me miss my friend Kelly - she makes the most insanely beautiful jewelry and she moved to London at the beginning of the year. The jezebel.


Recipes from an Italian Summer
Phaidon, 2010

I can't wait for the summer.
I love it.
I also love "Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before" by The Smiths.
It is my favourite.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Gentry: Age of Elegance Issue
Number 16 Fall 1955

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Selby.

The Selby
Abrams, 2010

Lots of people already know about The Selby blog. My friends and I have all suffered from the condition known as "Selby Envy", where you see a home on this blog, imagine the accompanying lifestyle and feel a bit disgruntled with your own. The book lives up to expectations and satisfies all voyeuristic nosiness and gorgeous photo addictions.

Oh Pollocks!

Jackson Pollock
Abrams, 2010 (reissue of 1989)

My friend Krisztina tells me that sometimes I am a bit cheesy. Like when I said to a friend going through a break-up, that she was giving her girlfriend "wings for freedom". I think me shouting "Oh Pollocks!" instead of Oh Bollocks, because I love Jackson P, would also be considered a bit cheesy by Krisztina. I care not. I think I'm high-larry-us.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Nina Pohl.

Nina Pohl
Snoek, 2007

I've stocked this book since we opened 3 years ago. It's my top book of the store. Just got it back in after a small break (=I had a brain drain and forgot about it for 6 months). Pohl's photos are just bazonkers.

ps. I still have blisters and no car. I tried to rent one this morning but they were all rented. The car gods are not on my side this week. Toads.

Bird Watching.

Bird Watching by Paula McCarthy
Princeton Architectural Press, 2010

This book is kind of similar to the Jean-Luc Mylane book I posted about a while ago, except, these birds aren't real!!! Paula McCarthy fills her landscapes with artificial birds she buys at craft stores and on ebay. I was fooled for a while. Tricksy Paula McCarthy.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Unseen Vogue.

Unseen Vogue
Little Brown, 2002

This book has been out for a while but is new to me. It's dreamy.


I am having a book-cover-obsessed week apparently. These arrived in store today! I don't often carry fictional titles but like the Ruben Toledo designed classics I carried over the holidays, these seemed too good to pass up.

I have a new favourite joke.

"What do you call an ape in a minefield?"

"A baboom."


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Window Book Window Sculptures Window.

Sharlene-The-Wunder-Photographer came by the store yesterday and took some proper pictures of my book sculpture window installation. She's a genius! You can see more on her blog and her website!

Other Favourites.

My car has died. It is in the shop until further notice because my tranny transmission broke. I have been walking to work and I consequently have blisters. Oh woe is me. On the upside, yesterday I learnt about a drink called a Pickleback. This consists of cheap bourbon with dill pickle brine. OH HAPPY DAY. Considering my love of frickles, pickles and all things gherkin related, this is indeed a joyous discovery.

This has nothing to do with my images, because I explained where they came from in the post below. The Iris Murdoch cover is deliciously terrifying.