Friday, February 26, 2010

Phoebe Philo.

I got this from Coco's Tea Party (one of my favourite fashion blogs), I love Phoebe Philo and have spent the last decade wanting to steal her style. She always looks amazing. And her husband Max Wigram is handsome and looks like an elf (I have an obsession with men who look like they have flown in from the forest). Apparently this shot comes from French Vogue March 2010. I might have to buy it. I normally abstain because I find it hard to justify the money when I can't read the words but I might treat myself.

I am still horribly sick. I'm typing like it's my first time at a keyboard and my legs are wobbly. My head also feels like the top part has been removed and my brain could waft off at any moment. I went to NatureMart this morning and bought lots of vitamins and supplements and stuff that looks like it should make me feel better. Blurgh.


Fashion Serial Killer said...

oh man still sick! that blows... elfish men are cute.. but i think Bjork beats anybody when it comes to cute elfin look. get better soon!

molly said...

so sorry to hear you were so sick! oh, ivanhoe, say it ain't so!
feel better.