Friday, February 5, 2010


I am a hypochondriac. Well, I don't go to the doctor but sometimes I assume the worst and think something dreadful is happening to me internally. My brother does this and my Dad a bit too, so I think I can blame it on the gene genies. It might not be hypochondria, it might just be a case of the over-active imaginations. I need to stop it because Maria's psychic told her if you put negative energy out there it will come back. This freaks me out even more when I'm in a psychotic tail-spin.

I love Alfred Hitchcock and I feel like him in this image right now. This picture is by Richard Avedon. Well done Tricky Dick. Well done.

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Fashion Serial Killer said...

Ha. I get the same way... ugh. I hate over thinking everything as well.I wish I could just turn my head off sometimes. Love old HitchCOCK shows..