Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Minimum by John Pawson
1996 Phaidon

I love Stonehenge. I used to drive past it a lot on the way to my Gran's house. But I've never got out of the car and walked up to it. I don't think you can anymore. People kept attacking it and trying to chisel off pieces so they put a rope around it but I've heard of feisty druids jumping over the rope at Solstice and communing with the stones anyway. Go Druids.

I've inhaled too much permanent marker Sharpie by mistake and feel like I've been doing loads of poppers. Hopefully it will go away soon.


LucyNumberOneFan said...

it wasn't a mistake and the damage is irreversible. your blog is genius.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

ok i had to look up Judith and Holoferness.. pretty interesting. I may have to post the Caravaggio one.