Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Vanishing.

I got home last night after a slightly disastrous Staples situation and sat on the deck. I poured myself a beer and snuggled down on the lounger to read the new Vanity Fair that had arrived in my mailbox.

James Wolcott's article "What's A Culture Snob To Do?" caught my fancy. Gosh. I wish I hadn't:

"Book-jacket design may become a lost art, like album cover design, without which late-20th-century iconography would have been pauperized....Can the average coffee table book survive The Vanishing? Debatable - there's something about even the most enticing specimen that evokes a weary sigh. Opening it, turning its pages, often just seems like so much work."

Sigh. I freaked out and started thinking that I need to re-train and do something else. This is daunting considering I'm virtually unemployable with no discerning skills. Keep Calm And Carry On? OR Freak Out And Stop?

On the upside I really love the new Chanel campaign! I think it was shot at Lagerfeld's new farm in Vermont. Swoon.

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life is happy most of the time. said...

oh please don't stop and freak out!! keep calm and carry on! we can go live in a tent and wait for harry potter movies to come out if all else fails. i love your blog. i love your human!!