Thursday, July 2, 2009

So Much To Tell You.

I stumbled across this lovely blog. 

I have an obsession with liberty lawn prints. It was the puffy pillows that first caught my eye. Gosh. Looking at them is making me feel sleepy. I still have a bit of jet-lag. I also have infected horse-fly bites. This sounds more disgusting than it is but this is also making me sleepy. I went to see my doctor this morning, he's wonderful. I heart Doctor Ron. The only worrying part was when he said "if the infection spreads, it's the holiday weekend, so get yourself to ER and make them put you on an IV." 

Consequently I might have a mellower 4th of July weekend than normal. Last year I broke my toe whilst playing whisky-shuttlecock-pingpong with Coronado. Wait. Was that Memorial Day? I dunno. All US holidays are the same to me!

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