Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pickled Ferret

Today I have the brain of a pickled ferret, due to far too many vodkas consumed. It wasn't my fault your honour, it was all because of a jeweller. 

I went to the Hammer Museum on Wednesday night, that's when the pickling of the brain started and I've been on a roll ever since. It's the heat, I can't cope with sobriety in this a-cursed heat. It's amazing at the Hammer at night, they were having a performance in the courtyard - and there was a bar! A projection of Lauren Dukoff's photographs were shown while a dj played and then a set came from Devendra Banhart's new band Megapuss, and mega they were. Such fun was had by all. Dukoff's photographs are super doops, the pics above are by her, and I for one love her work even more since I found this beaut of my personal love-god Mr Steven Patrick Morrissey.

Check out more of Dukoff's photography at She's releasing a book in Spring 2009 apparently, I'll make it an endeavor to get it in here... The Hammer also has a bunch of these evening events happening throughout the summer, the next one is July 22.

Now my addled brain and I are going to finish eating my delicious falafel wrap that is soaking up some of the gurgles in my stomach. My wonderful friend Maria picked it up for me. That woman is a life saver.

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