Friday, June 27, 2008

Daphne Guinness - Short Film

Daphne Guinness has directed a short film and it's up on the New York Times website, click here to go have a viewing. I think it's beautiful and it's only 5 minutes long, so it won't take up too much of your day. 

Daphne is a true English eccentric, admittedly she must have oodles of cash, being a scion of the Guinness dynasty and all that (my mother drank Guinness throughout her pregnancy with me, it may have a lot to answer for), so she has plenty of time on her hands to indulge her inner nuttiness. Her look is English aristocratic goth, mixed in with a little Joan Of Arc (all the chainmail and suits of armour) and a pinch of French Rococo. I'm not sure she's still rocking it, but when she had the badger white and black striped hair she looked ridiculous. In a good way.

There's a London Times profile on her and it lists What Daphne Loves:

Sudden illuminating ideas where you get that amazing feeling of  what life is all about.
Classical architecture.
Beautiful jewllery.
Thunderstorms and clouds.
High mountain peaks where the air burns your throat.
Textiles and embroideries.
Armour and ancient weapons.
The human skeleton, and how to drape it.
Love - but that should be first.


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