Thursday, June 26, 2008

"LEISURAMA NOW! The Beach House For Everyone 1964 - " by Paul Sahre

I'm not very good in the heat, it makes me a bit of a grumpy witch. To combat this corrosive curmudgeonly-ness I have taken to staring at photographs of beaches in Montauk - a fabled place that I have never visited, that is in my mind, is starting to develop near-mythic proportions. 

I have been reading a bit about this place in "Leisurama Now" and think I would fit in:

"interesting rumors and stories about the place abound (long before it was the backdrop for the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind): alien abuductions, nude beaches, surfing, time-travel experiments, unexploded ordnances, and biological testing."

I'm dreaming of packing a camper van and taking off. Even though I have a pathological fear of being naked in public and have never been on a surf-board in my life. I have however, been abducted by aliens and taken part in time-travel experiments, so I've got that bit covered.

I also love the images of the interiors of the Leisurama houses in the book.

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