Friday, May 8, 2009

Natural Garden Style.

Natural Garden Style

I like to post about gardens. I love gardens. I went to the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena at the weekend with my Mum - they are TOTALLY insane. The desert garden is a surreal Dr Seuss-like environment that makes no sense to my English-born-eyes. I took a bunch of photos with Diana and am v.v. excited to get them developed. I'll post the results. Particularly headless results. I became a member of Huntington Gardens on Sunday - I get unlimited access and 10% off at the gift shop. Gift shops are often my favourite bit. The Rodarte girls live near the Huntington I think and often cite it as an inspiration - I can totally see why. The Rose Garden is in full-blooming-bloom RIGHT now and I could imagine any one of the frothy flowers as a Rodarte confection.

This book just came in and is full of the most wonderful photographs of gardens, flowers, fruits and meadows. I miss meadows from home.

I used the word "gardens" a lot in this post!

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