Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Dash Than Cash.

Back in the nineties British Vogue used to do a great section every month called "More Dash Than Cash!" - it was high fashion at high street prices and was my favourite part of the magazine - the stylists became even more inventive making accessible, affordable pieces look desirable. I guess it disappeared at the beginning of the 2000 when we all had more cash than dash - but I'm happy to report that it's back! I noticed it a couple of issues ago but it might have been back for longer. I love the one in the current May issue. It features Liberty prints which I'm always susceptible to go a bit bonkers for. Some of the prices are still a little out of reach for mere mortals - such as the highly covetable Isabel Marant patchwork dress which is listed at around 350 GBP which would be around $575 - but I did manage to track down the Aldo suede shoes shown on the 3rd image from the top. I got them in black and they're on sale here in the US! I can't wait to get them and thread some Liberty Lawn through as laces!

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