Friday, May 1, 2009


Excess: Fashion and the Underground in the 80s

I was reading The Moldy Doily today and there was a great post on Eighties-inspired fashion on ebay and it reminded me of this tip-top book. (There's also a wonderful post about shoes on The Moldy Doily that I would also recommend.) The book has fantastic pictures and some solid articles that aren't too high-brow for my befuddled brain.

It includes a brilliant glossary of eighties words in the back:

"Musts - just like status symbols, there were a whole host of musts to be desired. worn and inhaled (the Must de Cartier fragrance was created in 1981). There are those who religiously followed them, those who claimed to detest them, and those who amused themselves by inventing new ones. As we read in I-D in 1983, "bright nylon negligees and fluffy slippers are a must"."


"Walkman - The launch of TPS-L2 by Sony in 1979 was to change the sound track of every day life forever. Music penetrated the head just like an idea, shut out the loud confusion of rush hour and restored energy in the gym. Kevin Bacon wore a Walkman around his waist while dancing in Footloose (1984) because, as the film's slogan announced, "music is on his side"."

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