Thursday, October 2, 2008

Theater of Insects.

Theater of Insects.
Princeton Architectural Press.

I've been watching a lot of Planet Earth lately. I find David Attenborough's voice very soothing. The last episode I saw was "Forests" and it showed the cicadas that hatch only once every SEVENTEEN years. They all pop out at once, eat loads of leaves, have sex and then die - all in the space of a couple of days and then the fruits of their labours don't come around for SEVENTEEN years - and it's always at the same time of year. Insects are amazing. Before Planet Earth I would be a bit horrified if any of them made an appearance on my tv screen (Although there was the one episode "Caves", where a million cockroaches are filmed marching up a mountain of bat poo that I could have lived without seeing. Ever.), but now I am more and more intrigued. I have a new-found respect for the Insect Kingdom.

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