Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Book About Moomin, Mymble and Little My.

The Book about Moomin, Mymble & Little My.

Here's little Moomintroll, none other,
Hurrying home with milk for Mother.
Quick Moomintroll, it's nearly night.
Run home while there's a bit of light.
Don't hang around in woods like these.
Strange creatures lurk between the trees.
The wind begins to howl and hiss.
Now, guess what happens after this.

Beyond the forest, bathed in light,
The air tastes fresh. The grass glows bright.
The sun shines down on fields of flowers.
Moomintroll's walked for hours and hours.
But, happy to be homeward bound,
He kicks his legs and leaps around.
He sees a tall shape. A house? His own?
How very tall the chimney has grown,
When yesterday the roof was flat.
Well guess what happened after that.

That's not a roof or chimney pot -
It's Mymble's hair, tied in a know!
She's weeping on a big tin can,
"Poor thing" thought Moomintroll and ran
To Mymble, begging, "Please don't cry!"
"I've lost my sister Little My"
She told him, and began to yelp.
She ran away! Oh Moomin help!"
Moomintroll frowned. "Well, let's begin
By checking if she's in this tin,
Some villain might have stashed her in it."
Now guess what happens in a minute!

This book is sold at Yolk - it's wonderful and full of beautiful illustrations and cut outs.

Moomins are a personal favourite of mine. I think the world is a better place with Moomins in it. And as Maria says "Moomins Not Mormons".

(This was in relation to a conversation we were having about Prop 8 in California - it turns out Mormons have donated $25 million to push the prop through. They don't even LIVE in California and should a religious group that once upon a time preferred polygamy really be in a position to judge what constitutes "marriage"? MOOMINS NOT MORMONS for sure.)

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