Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fraktur Mon Amour.

Fraktur Mon Amour.
$75 - it has a cd rom thing which is why it's a little on the pricier side.
Princeton Architectural Press.

This book came in last week, and some-one asked me with fear in their eyes, if I'd started ordering bibles. I have not started ordering bibles - although the lovely Danielle - my Princeton Architectural Press book rep - did show me some when I was last in her showroom (bibles that is) - I told her they didn't really fit under my umbrella of Art & Design - she tried to convince me she had arty and design-y bibles, but I remained unconvinced. So, no, not stocking bibles.

This would be a cool looking bible if it was's bound in black leather and has hot pink lettering embossed on the front, back and spine. It's the brain-child of graphic designer Judith Schalansky and illustrates her obsession with Blackletter fonts.

I really like hot pink.

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