Thursday, October 9, 2008

Playful Type

Playful Type

With everyone banging on unceasingly about the economic crisis, I have been wondering about what else I could have done with myself that might have been slightly more lucrative than book-selling. At a time when more than most of the world's book retailing is done online and half of the world's economies seem to be in free-falling chaos it seems a bit of a silly idea. This morning while walking around the resevoir, I decided that I should have been the lead singer in a wildly successful rock-band. This would have satiated my love of traveling; would have got me lots of money; freebies from fashion designers would be proffered with gay abandon; I might have got to have sex with Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys (he is of legal age - I checked) and Morrissey would undoubtedly be my friend. I didn't dwell on the fact that I can't sing for toffee. In daydreams you don't have to take reality into consideration.

Then I thought I probably should look into teaching or something.

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