Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stephen Doyle.

Sabin sent me a link to this interview.
This artist is AMAZINGDING!
And his name is Stephen.
My Dad's called Stephen.
We call him Step Hen.
It's not that funny but we think it's hilarious.
I don't drink coffee usually.
Today I have!


Fashion Serial Killer said...

woah holy crappers that's cool stuff there. I don't typically drink coffee either.. for one i have to go to the bathroom about 10 min's after my first sip and for 2 i get all tastes good when it's all flavored up tho UGH!

david john said...

man! love the stair coming out of the book!

ugh, i think i need some coffee, im fading quick!

molly said...

hmmm coffee.
i normally drink it and haven't in about five days. i miss it. then i don't.
but this wasn't about coffee, really.
it was about this damn good artist, true.
and step hens. funny stuff.