Thursday, May 13, 2010

Past Imperfect.

Deborah Turbeville: Past Imperfect
Steidl, 2010

My obsession with the photography of Deborah Turbeville is no secret here. I think this is at least my third post about her, and that's because I've been exercising restraint. I could post about her ALL day long (but that might get a little boring for the rest of you). This book just came out and it's wondrously dark and brooding. I love the image above - it's from a dummy shop in NYC, 1974. They look limbless but alive and as though they might jump up at any moment, chase me and tickle me to death. I hate being tickled.


Fashion Serial Killer said...

wow those are great pics.i'm going to google her now thank girl!!

Ciara said...

Sarah Moon is my photography obsession!