Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Floral Explosion.

I haven't been posting much of late, this is because I have been assembling and installing the latest window display. It's very colourful and Spring/Summer-like. I will post better pictures once I get them from Sharlene. I think I gave myself carpal tunnel making all the paper flowers.


Fashion Serial Killer said...

wow it looks FANTASTIC!!!!! so rad... next month it will be tree branches painted pink with fake birds hanging all over them ok? ;oP

david john said...

wow! can't wait to stop by and see it in all its glory.

btw, i need your email?:)


molly said...

my niece and sister were in yolk and wanted to come into ivanhoe the other day, but my niece got nervous, 'i'm not sure mom, it's behind a very intimidating antique store...' which is all the better for me, cuz then we can all come pouring in together for the first time!
cannot wait!
july maybe...
the window is beautiful!

Justin said...

I'm not certain where you found these, but we may have used the exact same ones for our recent wedding (various shades of orange and green, mainly. Irish colors!)