Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Accident.

Robert Longo
Skira, 2010

I think I meant to re-order the Tate book on Richard Long, but instead I ordered this one on artist Robert Longo. I'm not dyslexic, I'm just stoops. I don't know anything about this Robert Longo or his work and it could have been an unfortunate incident. Luckily his work is fab if a little dark. There was one painting of an atomic mushroom cloud explosion that was stunning but I didn't fancy posting it. I am scared of nuclear holocaust. I expect this is a fairly common fear.

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LucyNumberOneFan said...

I like the postural repetition and mirroring of the Munoz hung figures with Longo's suited man. You're brilliant to space them that way and that's why I'm your number one fan--of many many number one fans!