Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Guide For The Unlucky.

Guide for the Unlucky
Universe, 2010

I don't like to take photos of the books, I prefer to scan. I am a shite photographer. This is a pop-up book though, so I couldn't flatten it out without breaking it, which is sort of against the law in here. But it's a POP-UP book. I LIKE A LOT the pop-up. This one is gorgeous. It's about bad luck but the subject matter is almost besides the point. I am quite unlucky, but perhaps it might be clumsiness instead of bad luck. I wish I could draw wallpaper like this. It's wonderful and my shaky pictures do it no justice. The picture of the coat, is an actual coat -affixed in the book, with little buttons sewn on it. The attention to detail is phenomenal! Superb! You can also see my fingernails in some of them. My nail polish is called Orange Fizz. My brother gave it to me for Christmas. I like this a lot too.

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life is happy most of the time. said...

your nails look wonderful! as so does this yummy book!! you could make a book like this i bet! because you are so very clever all the time! i like you.x xx x