Thursday, March 26, 2009


Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones

"You shouldn't ask 'why do you wear a hat?' What you should really be asking is 'why are you not?' I can't imagine leaving the house without a hat. How can a look be complete without a hat? From a cap to a full-on fascinator; the hat is the accent, the exclamation mark, the finishing note that punctuates the whole look. I apply this to myself as much as to the collections I work on. Where do you think 'thinking caps' get their name from?

Hats change and enhance - indeed they complete a silhouette. Always work up as well as down. You are meant to dress from top to toe, so don't forget the final flourish, A face is so much more photogenic when framed with a crown, a boater, a brim, an air of mystique...To imagine a look without a hat is like imagining an English tea-pot with no lid, or takeaway coffees without their tops. It just won't do."

John Galliano (from the Foreword.)

I concur John! I concur! While I was home I went to the exhibit that this book is from. It's on at the V&A in London. It's INSANE. The best exhibition I've been to in a while. I loved the presentation. I went with my Mum and we had a top notch lunch at the V&A caff too - we sat next to Lulu Guinness and drank wine.

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