Saturday, March 28, 2009

Finnish Summer Houses.

Finnish Summer Houses by Jari & Sirkkaliisa Jetsonen.

It's a gorgeous day in L.A. - hot but breezy - it feels like Spring. I have had a very quiet day in the shop - I think I've only sold one book (on NYC Punk Photography), but I've been sitting here planning my dinner - sauteed white fish crumbled into a fresh, crunchy salad with homemade wholewheat garlic bread - and listening to Simon & Garfunkel. It's been perfect. I've been reading this book on Finnish Summer Houses today too - I want to go and stay in them all. I've mentioned before that I think I would love Scandinavia - I love pickled herring and mackerel (and all other pungently flavoured fish that make other people retch) and I am obsessed with reading Swedish murder-mysteries. Maria from Yolk also talk me how to say Stockholm like a proper Swedish person (she's one of these) - I like to say it under my breath every now and then.

This is from the foreword:

"The northern way of life is strongly tied to nature and the changing seasons of the year. The short and intensive Scandinavian summer allows people to be more unecumbered than usual. For Finns the ideal way of spending these months is at one's own cottage and sauna amidst nature, by the shore of a lake."

This is my idea of an ideal summer!

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