Tuesday, September 2, 2008

On Reading.

On Reading by Andre Kertesz

I like reading. I like watching people read. I like seeing people read books because it makes makes me think that hopefully in my lifetime that mad-looking contraption, the amazon Kindle, will not sweep the nation. I'm not sure how that thing works but then I worry that I'm like one of my parents who shall remain nameless, but who tries to turn on the tv with her mobile phone and doesn't understand cds. The Kindle looks like it would crush me if I was reading in bed and happened to nod off, dropping it on myself. And if I'm reading in the bath, the last thing I would be worrying about would be crinkly pages, more like death by electrocution. I wish the Kindle would go away, it hovers in my thoughts like some portent of greater doom. Death To Kindle I say.

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