Friday, September 26, 2008

More Designs From Scandinavia.

Because - really - who can have enough?

Tomorrow I am going to a jungle-themed baby shower. I have never been to a baby shower before. We don't have them in the UK and I don't really have friends that have babies - we can handle being care-takers for ourselves and small animals but that's about the limit. I am feeling feelings that could be described as dread and fear but am trying to keep positive. I considered hiring a gorilla suit (jungle theme - hello?), which I could sit in and maybe smuggle in a G&T - but I was told that this could be considered rude and anti-social. Now, I never want to be considered rude, but anti-social is totally fine and kind of the point.

I acknowledge this has little to do with my Designs From Scandinavia.

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