Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Window Dressing.

Horizon March 1977

"What's Going On Behind That Plate-Glass Window: How A Once Predictable And Pleasant Minor Art Form Has Transmogrified Into Psychodrama.

Ever since the advent of plate glass, window-shopping has been one of the pleasures and attractions of city-life. The shop windows of New York City, the peak of the art, are probably viewed each week by twenty times the number that go into the city's museums...Let it not pass unrecorded, therefore, that something very odd has been going on lately in window design...If things go on this way, minors wishing to window-shop may soon need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian."

The boot image: "mysterious scenes..with dangling legs, shadows and emptiness. No-one knows what it means, - but for some reason - it sells boots."

The kitchen scene: "in their undies, they congregate in the kitchen and make a little late-night snack - spaghetti again, with the customary case or two of champagne."

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