Friday, August 15, 2008

Wiener Werkstatte.

I have a close friend that we call Wiener. I always thought it was after Wiener Dogs but I think it might be because of the Wiener Werkstatte - for because she's Hungarian and they are Viennese, our collective geography isn't brilliant so maybe we just clumped them all in together. On reflection maybe it was after the Dog, I don't think we're that high-brow. This reflection is no reflection on Wiener though (my friend, not the Werkstatte), she's nothing like a dog, actually she looks like a Hungarian Brigitte Bardot.

I could look at Wiener Werkstatte stuff all day long.

I have a few books on them in the store, but the images above came from a new one I just got - it's been out for a few years but it's new to me.

Wiener Werkstatte: Design in Vienna 1903-1932

I know Werkstatte should have an umlaut but I can't find it, and it's hot and I'm tired.

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