Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Naughty Krishna!

Horizon: January 1977

"Krishna: God As A Troublesome Youth
Though the news may shock his modern adherents, Lord Krishna was not a nice boy.

The Western world began to hear of Krishna a few years ago when the man in the street, walking down that street of his in New York, London, Paris and Rome, met young men and women curiously attired in robes unsuitable to the climate, dancing a simple dance to even simpler songs and behaving with childlike happiness.

The man in the street may have assumed that these cavorting youths were part of the current drug culture, but, as it turned out, the youngsters were forbidden to touch even tea and coffee. much less drugs. And to anybody who took the trouble to ask, they replied that they were happy because they were in love with an Indian boy called Krishna....he (Krishna) was certainly what the Irish call a broth of a boy. He was a naughty baby, a mischievous lad, and a totally immoral young man, a Don Juan who delighted in breaking up the peace of well-regulated families."

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