Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's Arrived!!!

Vivienne Westwood: A London Fashion
Out of Print

She's arrived! Vivienne is in the building! I've been trying to get a copy  of this book forever. I had a whiff of a copy about 6 months ago from a seller in Quebec but after numerous emails it came to nought. But now I've found one and it's here!!!! 

It's not the largest book I've ever seen but it's 80 pages about 9" x 11" and full of great, glossy colour photographs of Londoners who wear Westwood.  It's on sale on amazon for $270 but I'm selling it for $150 - although I'm looking at it on my desk and thinking I've been waiting so long for her, maybe she should come home with me and live on my bookshelf. This is the inherent problem for an obsessive book-worm working in a bookstore. 


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