Thursday, July 31, 2008

Clifford Coffin.

I've been suffering from scanner issues the past few days, which slightly hinders my ability to write, because I don't like to just use images from the interweb.  I was wanting to scan in a bunch of gorgeous images of Clifford Coffin's photography from an old vintage book I found. I got it at an estate sale of a librarian. She had hordes of amazingly rare and wonderful art, fashion and photography books - most of them were far out of the realms of my pocket but I managed to get this one. The Librarian must have been a heavy smoker as the only problem with the book is that it REEKS of old smoke. Other than this it's in excellent nick. I like to think of The Librarian sitting amongst her stack of books, smoking and browsing all her amazing books - she's wearing a brown tweed skirt and sensible shoes but has a Viv-Vibe.

The first two images above, which I found online, are by Clifford Coffin, they don't really capture the beauty of some of the images in the book but demonstrate that he was quite the snapper. He's a pretty, not quite obscure, but less well-known photographer who was  taking pictures from the 1950s onwards, predominantly for Vogue. The second image is the one that stands out for me, it's cropped here but it's of a model in a once grandiose now dilapidated building. It's beautiful. It reminds  me of a recent Tim Walker spread for Vogue.  At the back of the plates are his portraits of celebrities in their youth - my favourite is a particularly wide-eyed one of Truman Capote when he's about 20. He looks like a cherub but I think he had the vicious tongue of a Komodo Dragon. 

The last image is of cliff coffins which also popped up when I searched for images of Clifford Coffin. I like this photo.

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