Saturday, July 19, 2008

He Evelyn & She Evelyn

I was thinking about names that can be for men & women, and I remembered that Evelyn Waugh embarked on a short-lived and seemingly disastrous marriage to Evelyn Gardner in 1928. Their friends called them He Evelyn and She Evelyn. It's maybe a good thing that they parted company, while this moniker must have been hilarious for friends & family it could have become tiresome for them. She Evelyn must have been doubly relieved as I think He Evelyn might have been a bit of a loon - he once tried to commit suicide by swimming out to sea, but turned back after being stung by a jellyfish. Not to belittle Mister Waugh though, some of his books are among my favourites. Brideshead Revisited was the only thing that got me through one particular nasty, wet, grey and miserably gloomy week in London.

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