Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Interview, World War 2 & Thunder.

It is POURING with rain in LA today. Torrential. It's superb. And we have thunderbolts and lightening. It happens about once a year like this. My garden is singing! Although my succulents look a little shocked and horrified.

Interview magazine has undergone a re-design - I know I am a little late in noticing. It's about 3 issues in to it I think. I subscribed after I received one of those demented "subscribe for 12 issues for a penny" thingies in the mail. I just got this Cate Blanchett issue and it's such a stunning cover. The guts of the magazine is pretty solid too, good articles and lay-outs.

It's coincidental too because when the mailman arrived with this magazine of mine, I was randomly watching Cate Blanchett in Charlotte Gray on the telly - I was ironing and flicking channels (I am a terrible ironer - nothing but nothing ever comes out wrinkle-free. I think I have bad iron-wrist -action). Charlotte Gray is about a woman who goes to France to join the resistance in the second world war. I've also just finished reading a book on the second world war. All I can really say about it all is that I am a reaffirmed one hundered per cent pacifist person.

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