Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Felt Club!

Felt Club!!!
150 Vendors plus DIY Classes, Music, Prizes, Food & Booze!!!!
Sunday November 16 2008
11am - 7pm
$5 donation at the door

Shine Auditorium
Expo Center
700 West 32nd St, LA, CA 90007


Susan Miller on this month's Astrologyzone has put the fear of God in me about the evil and pernicious full moon that's headed our way on Dec 12th....apparently it's going to get all of us - and one of the things she advises is to get Holiday shopping in early as this foreboding full moon could throw a spanner (wrench?) in our collective works and cause previously tried and tested time frames to fall into disarray...SO....we should all go to Felt Club on Nov 16 and get our pressies bought and bound like early birds.

I was talking to one of my favourite customers the other day - he's rather handsome which is probably why he ranks as one of my favourites - anyway he was telling me that there's a whole astrological sign that was removed because it made the astrological calender out of whack with the Julian calender. It was between Scorpio and Sagittarius I think and although I can't remember it's name, this star-sign's animal was a SERPENT BEAR. Makes my Ram of Scary Aries look a little tame that's for sure. But I did just find out my Chinese sign is the dragon which makes me feel a LOT better.

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