Thursday, June 24, 2010


Store Front
Gingko Press, 2009

I am on hiatus! I've never been on hiatus before! But now I am! I am on hiatus from doing the window displays at Lawson-Fenning. The bosses have decided to keep the window full of furniture and open and fresh for the summer months - which makes complete sense because we are trying to sell furniture afterall! It means I have more time on my hands while I'm here at work, so hopefully this will translate into more blogposts. Fingers crossed. Of course it could also translate into naval gazing but I will try to be on top of that.


life is happy most of the time. said...

I LOVE! I NEED THIS BOOK!! you not doing the window is good news because i won't break my neck and get in a wreck gazing adoringly at your AMAZEBALLS window displays!!! however...i was looking forward to the next one :( xxxx

molly said...

wow. this'll be interesting, no? i will miss the windows, but will wait for the posts! happy summer!