Friday, February 6, 2009

Now Is Then - Part One.

Now Is Then: Snapshots from The Marcesa Collection

"Snapshots are complex and willful little pictures. Only because they are so small, so frequently and easily made, do we think of them as innocent. But snapshots are mostly premeditated, fussed over, and even predetermined."

I am not a photographer - but I am a snap-shotter which looks a bit like shot-putter but I am definitely not one of them (although when I lived in San Francisco I started to look like one by mistake). I know my snap-shotting to be a very annoying habit - at social gatherings I plague my friends by snapping at them. I just got one of the re-issued Diana F+ cameras - it's a film camera and it's funny to realize how dependent I have become on instant digital gratification. My brain has difficulty computing that I may have to actually wait for the film to be developed.

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