Thursday, December 4, 2008

Waarom gemakkelijk, als het ook moeilijk kan?

Dries Van Noten 01-50 - $300.00

"There is an ironic Flemish saying that asks "Waarom gemakkelijk, als het ook moeilijk kan?" Which translates roughly as "Why take it easy, if you can choose the hard way?" Sometimes it seems as if Dries Van Noten has adopted this theme as his mission statement. Because if there is a more precise and demanding, less obvious way of doing things, Dries will usually find it."

This is from the introduction to this INSANE Dries Van Noten book I just acquired. I've been lucky enough to have had it in a couple of times before and it always flies out the door - it's extremely rare, there's only one on amazon and that's going for $397. The book documents the first 50 Dries Van Noten fashion shows and is just sublime.

Interesting fact DVN is one of the last wholly owned, independent fashion companies.

I have a bit of an obsession with Scandinavia and Nordic-ness - typing out the Flemish saying made me love it even more. It seems way more fun that Engerlish.

The pictures aren't the best - I have the shakes today.

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