Friday, December 4, 2009

Black Friday.

Bande a Part: New York Underground 60s 70s 80s

I've not had a bad day. I've just had one of those days when perhaps it would better have served me to just STAY in bed. It started this morning when I walked the dudes (dogs) around the block and I saw a skinny wolf belt past. I have a phobia of dogs off leashes - this comes from being eaten by a bunch of them when I was a small kidwinker and from Boddington The Dog being mauled on my street a few years ago. Needless to say I nearly shit myself and had to race home. THEN I left the house and half way to the dry-cleaners I realized a: I'd only bought one of my Union Jack Pillows instead of the pair - because I'm fucking STOOPS and b: I'd left the back-door open so the wild-rabid-wolf-roaming-free could get into the house and eat my dudes. So I turned around raced home, dealt with that, went to the supermarket got a salad - it exploded in my work bag and got cilantro mayonnaise which is lurid green on EVERYTHING. I got to work, ate some strawberries to calm myself (whatever) and spilt strawberry juice down my dress. I sponged it out in a frenzy and made it look like I'd peed myself. I'm now sitting here with soggy tights. FUGUGUGUGUG.

On the up-side - HOW pretty is Patti Smith? Blondie - I want your hair and doesn't Madonna look like she was WAYYYYY more fun back in the day?

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