Thursday, January 15, 2009


From Ossie Clark 1965/74 by Judith Watt

"Hockney designed the invitation for a show, with a small audience of 100 people, that was held at Nicky Samuel's house at 28 Mallord Street on 20 November 1972. The small Chelsea townhouse had been built for the artist Augustus John and had one beautiful light room painted in shining dark red, which had been his studio. ...Knowing that it was to be the scene of a Quorum event, Vogue's Catherine Tenant arranged for Norman Parkinson to photograph Nicky at the house, draped across a table covered in a crewel-work cloth, wearing a chiffon
dress with a huge tulip print by Celia....I had all the arrogance of youth, Nicky recalls. When he arrived I was till in my nightdress and I asked him "Have you photographed anyone I know?" He said, with great charm, "The Queen". "Anyone else I know?" I asked."

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cerre said...

what a fantastic image. love norman parkinson. -lee