Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Truly Odd.

I had a few customers in early bird style yesterday - I opened a bit before 11am as we had horrid film people filming at LA Mill (horrid because they kept trying to move my sandwich board and kept trying to stop my customers parking out front even though they had NO permits - I don't think the horrid film people knew or cared that December's a pretty important time for tiny independent retailers but whatever.) early bird came in and left their keys. The key chain has their car key (toyota) and house key attached. I find this utterly odd because how did they get home? How did they get in the house? They couldn't have done either right? So how come I haven't received a call from a frantic person trying to locate 'em. I lose my keys ALL the time so I'm not passing judgement but when I do, I for certain harangue every place I've been in that day until I find them or give it all up me being a useless human once again.


Favourite Cover Of The Week Winner

Neo-Japanese Graphics - $75

Scrumptious. Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang-Truly-Scrumptious.


Louise Bourgeois - $65

Went to see the Louise Bourgeois show at LA MOCA - totally brill. I went nerdy and attended the talk by the curator who was exceedingly informative. I'm not sure if it's totally intended but I think her work is HILARIOUS. It makes me laugh out loud.

"Art is the guarantee of sanity" Louise Bourgeois.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Waarom gemakkelijk, als het ook moeilijk kan?

Dries Van Noten 01-50 - $300.00

"There is an ironic Flemish saying that asks "Waarom gemakkelijk, als het ook moeilijk kan?" Which translates roughly as "Why take it easy, if you can choose the hard way?" Sometimes it seems as if Dries Van Noten has adopted this theme as his mission statement. Because if there is a more precise and demanding, less obvious way of doing things, Dries will usually find it."

This is from the introduction to this INSANE Dries Van Noten book I just acquired. I've been lucky enough to have had it in a couple of times before and it always flies out the door - it's extremely rare, there's only one on amazon and that's going for $397. The book documents the first 50 Dries Van Noten fashion shows and is just sublime.

Interesting fact DVN is one of the last wholly owned, independent fashion companies.

I have a bit of an obsession with Scandinavia and Nordic-ness - typing out the Flemish saying made me love it even more. It seems way more fun that Engerlish.

The pictures aren't the best - I have the shakes today.

Karl Lagerfeld - Chanel Silent Movie

Love! There's more coming tomorrow on the Chanel website.

Totally. Totes.

Ivanhoe Book Totes - $8

My new totes arrived! Yeah! I love them! I'm something of a buffoon and only got them printed on one side - I wanted double-sided but didn't even think to ask (= buffoon). So I'm going to get some patches made up which I'll sew on the back that read - "There's No Such Thing As Too Many Books." I'm also thinking of having this tattoed across my eyelids which will induce subliminal marketing when I blink.